Where to Ride : San Diego, California

March 13, 2017

Looking for recommendations on where to ride in San Diego? 

Here's an article complete with google map links and YouTube videos of some of the best roads to ride on a motorcycle in San Diego, CA.

This is Banner Grade. From the turnout at the top to the store at the bottom is what I ride. Incredible road. Stop into the Banner Store at the bottom for some water, but you'll have to go somewhere in Julian for a bathroom. Switchback heaven towards the store! Typically, there's not a lot of traffic on this stretch. Also, no bicyclists to avoid here which is a plus.


MONTEZUMA - "The Glass Elevator"

This is Montezuma. AKA "The Glass Elevator". It's also where the intro to the movie Torque was filmed which is a hilarious movie. The locals here seem to be very friendly and would rather let you go by them than hold you up while they enjoy their drive. There's an overlook at the top where you can see most of the stretch into the Borrego desert.


This is the south grade of Palomar. There are TONS of riders here every weekend and a GREAT photographer. 1904photography.com - he is there most weekends. You should go when he is there to get some good pics. The section I linked you to is the turns that everyone does laps, from turnout to turnout it's only about 2 minutes and you'll see a shit ton of riders doing laps there hauling ass. Careful on this road as there are everything from newbs that just bought their first bike to wannabe racers that are trying to get an elbow down and will pass you in blind corners if they think you're going too slow. It's always been one of the most dangerous places to ride on the weekend in SD. But, it's worth checking out to see it first-hand kinda like The Snake is worth checking out. You can keep riding to the top of the mountain after you've had your fun on those bottom turns, and there is a place at the top to hang out. Once you get to the top you will hit a stop sign. Make a left at that stop sign and the store is on the left shortly after that.


THE 94 - "The Playground" - "Smuggler's Run" - "Telegraph Canyon" - "Telecrash"
This is Highway 94. AKA Smuggler's Run. AKA The Playground. It's a lot of fun to do laps here. It doesn't look like much on the map, but getting there is fun, too. 



That is where we recommend going for a ride in San Diego, CA!

Those are the main roads. The rest that you hear about are dirty and blind like Wynola, Old Julian Highway...just a couple that you might hear people bring up. If you go to one of those just slow your pace and you'll be fine.

That should give you enough to keep you busy! From right near the Mexican border to halfway to LA. Have more suggestions on where to ride? Leave them in the comments below!

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